The Festival organisers have decided to plan for a live event, and do not intend to hold an online Festival should a live one not be possible. Planning to hold the Festival during the Coronavirus pandemic will be extremely challenging, and indeed there can be no certainty at the moment that it will be permitted to take place.

We have also decided that we will allow solo performances only. Until recently we felt that we should plan for a full Festival, including duets, trios and groups, and cancel these nearer the time if necessary. However, if we were to cancel all but solos there would be large gaps in the programme. Filling these by accepting more solo entries at the last minute was felt to be impractical. We are also conscious that schools need some level of certainty in order to plan rehearsals and arrange their entries. Finally, ensuring social distancing for duets, trios and groups is likely to prove difficult except in the unlikely event that things are back to normal. In view of the above we have therefore decided to accept just solo entries (which will include solo improvisation and choreography).

Other issues such as whether or not we are able to admit an audience to the auditorium and whether we will be able to provide catering will have to wait until nearer the time.

The 2021 Festival will be an All-England qualifying year, as All-England have slipped their cycle of qualifying Festivals by one year. We have no idea whether we will have many or few entries, but because we were heavily oversubscribed in 2020 we will initially limit the number of entries for each school to 100. This is to ensure that we do allow all schools a fair chance of having their entries accepted. However, schools may also submit a reserve list of entries which we will accept if there are spare places. As there will only be solos we hope that there will be enough time to accommodate the reserve entries and that nobody will be disappointed.

If the Festival has to be cancelled all schools will have their entry fees refunded in full.

By entering the Festival schools agree to abide by whatever Covid biosecurity measures are deemed to be appropriate by the organisers.

Please see the section on How to Enter for further details.